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Giacomo Muscolino (1980) was born and raised in Messina, Sicily. Since his childhood he showed a strong inclination towards Arts, especially in pencil drawing, while being influenced by his grandfather too, a self-taught painter. He graduated with honors in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria. During the research for his thesis Giacomo realized he had a strong attitude towards painting as a means to convey ideas and ideals; at the same moment it became clear to him which direction this means must take in order to be part of its own time: in a society that is becoming more and more weak and disintegrated, and where individuals are more and more alienated, the duty of Art is narrating the human being and exploring new ways of life. On 2009 he moved to Milan, where he has been pursuing his own artistic experimentations. He has worked as a PA for acclaimed actor, playwright, painter and Nobel laureate Dario Fo.